What are the options to create public websites in Salesforce.

As per my knowledge, we can do the same using Force.com Sites & Site.com. However, I think my knowledge is a bit old now. I am not seeing Site.com option now & in some documentation it is mentioned that Site.com is superseded by Community Builder.

As far as i know, Community builder is used to create authenticated user(Customer/Partner Community) and not public websites.

Can anyone shed some light here? Thanks in Advance.

Regards, Raj

  • you can also create public website in community builder and it also you to provide users authentication. You should go with community Nov 12, 2016 at 15:29

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I just double checked in a pretty fresh DE Org. From Setup -> Develop -> Sites. Looks like all that is still there.

Here's the documentation for Force.com Sites Overview.

There's also some information on the Communities angle for public wesites here.

So it looks like you can use both Sites and Communities to build public websites on Force.com


Communities indeed supersede sites on the SF platform. You can enable public access to a community as well as create a public knowledge base for distribution of your public FAQ's etc.

Relevant documentation can be found here:


Once you've got people visiting your community, consider funnelling them through a registration process (setup again in community builder) in order to increase engagement.

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