I have changed my design resource to this

<design:component label="DeveloperGuideTest">
        <design:attribute name="PickOne" datasource="value1,value2,value3" default="value2"/>

I have this in my component

<aura:attribute name="PickOne" type="String" access="global"/>

Now I couldn't figure it out how to use it as picklist on component.

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Design attributes are used to setup your component in App Builder. So your code we'll be used when you open App Builder and drag & drop your component on the layout. You'll see at the right your attribute appear as a picklist.

If you want to use a picklist directly inside your component, you should use an attribute of type list of String instead:

<aura:attribute name="Picklist" type="String[]" access="global"/>

And then you can associate it to a component like lightning:select.

If the list is static, you may not even need your attribute, and add the values directly inside lightning:select.

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