All events are having before and after events, but why is there no before-undelete event in Salesforce triggers?


Because, there will be no record available before Undelete to update. But After Undelete you will be having a record to update something with that record.


There is a record, it has the field isDeleted set to True. Standard security means that these records are not visible, either via the UI or Apex, so an undelete trigger wouldn't be able to see the records that it needs.


Undelete means..already a record is deleted from Salesforce DB/System and trying to get that deleted record back to Salesforce Db/System.SO the record which is already deleted is not in the Scope of SalesForce System and it will be in Recycle_Bin(Out of Salesforce System Scope)..So there is no "Before Undelete" Event in SalesForce.

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