How can I add two or more namespace on root element in a XML Document?

In Java, I create the XMLNode with two namespace and then I set it as root element in a XML Document. In Salesforce, I have just read the documentation and it isn't available a constructor for the XMLNode. So, I must create directly a root element from a Dom.Document object and I can set only a namespace.

I don't find a solution. Thanks a lot!

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You can set as many namespaces as you'd like with setNamespace. Here's a trivial execute anonymous script:

Dom.Document doc = new Dom.Document();
Dom.XmlNode root = doc.createRootElement('root','http://defaultns/','');

Output (note: This is cleaned up for legibility):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <root xmlns="http://defaultns/" 
        xmlns:b="http://example-ns2/" />

Observe how root now has three namespaces, the default namespace, plus "a" and "b" namespaces.

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