I need to get and use the field label in my lightning component.

In VF it is possible to do this via the:




How can this be done in lightning component markup or controller?


You need to call server side controller from lightning and use following code (Describe API) there:

Schema.SObjectField F = fieldNameMap.get(fieldAPIName); //where fieldAPIName is API name of field
Schema.DescribeFieldResult R = F.getDescribe();
String fieldLabel=R.getLabel();
return fieldLabel;

This is the only way as far as I know. Else, you can create new custom labels for field names labels and use them directly in lightning using "$Label.c.Custom_Label"

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  • I just state here that this answer is not what I am asking for - I want to get the labels from the client side and not from the server side. this is still not possible – Itai Shmida Nov 12 '17 at 16:09

Answer is:

This cannot be done in lightning component as of today!!!

please vote this idea to make this feature available sooner:

Access sObject field labels from lightning component

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