We are using force.com sites to build a application portal. Customer portal is being used in conjunction to enable self registration.

When a user tries to login ... we are executing the force.com site method like below

PageReference p = Site.login(username, password, '/apex/VF_ApplicantHomePage?Id=005J0000001HVIK');
return p;

However, I get an error when I try to login which says Error: Error occurred while loading a Visualforce page

The URL formed after login action is


Has anyone done the same thing? Can you suggest the work around? Thanks!

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Can you check once site has access to the VF_ApplicantHomePage , if not add this vf page to sites through

Develop -> Sites-> Force.com Site -> Set Visualforce Page

Even if error also comes, need to check on the permissions on the objects used in the vf page for the profiles used for site login.


I found the issue. The object which the landing page was referring to was not available to the portal. I updated the object properties and was able to redirect succesful login to the landing page

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