I am creating an entry criteria for a milestone to kickoff. A separate workflow rule populates a DateTime field (RMA_Time__c) with NOW(). When RMA_Time__c is populated and the populated time is before 2:30 PM EST, the milestone should start.

How can I write this as a formula? I am having an extremely hard time trying to figure out a formula to compare a current DateTime field to a specific time value.


Tinkered around with this for a bit and here's one workable method. Have a field updated to today's date, have a second time based workflow activate 14 hours after today's date field. That will reliably kick off a process at 2pm according to your org time, whole hours only allowed unfortunately.

For your second request though for a comparison of date time for current date. DateTimeValue takes a literal string, so you can pass it the required date, add the specific time required for the comparison: IF(NOW() < DateTimeValue("2016-11-09 09:30:00"),'true','false')

edit: just a reminder that if you're trying to trigger something from a formula, formula changes do not kick off workflow recalculations.

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