I have Salesforce set up as an IdP, with a custom app acting as the SP. I have SP-initiated login via SAML implemented, following this guide.

I'd like to enable SP-initiated logout as well, but I cannot find any resources on this, except for this discussion which seems to indicate it is not supported - but this seems to be geared toward the scenario where Salesforce is the SP.

Can anyone clarify whether Salesforce as a IdP supports SP-initiated SAML logout requests?

  • I've never been able to configure Salesforce to do SLO, either where they are the SP or the IdP.
    – Andrew K.
    Nov 8, 2016 at 21:30

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It appears true SLO is not available, but we were able to implement a "poor man's" version of it:

SP-initiated logout: On the log out page of our custom app, we included a hidden IFrame to our-salesforce-community-url/secur/logout.jsp. A request to this will log the user out of Salesforce.

IdP-initiated logout: Per configuration, after logout the user is redirected to a logout page in our custom app, which causes them to be logged out.

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