Is there a way to find out the users who have accessed a specific visualforce page?

I think Google analytics is a way to do this(?),but I have not tracked down the page to monitor who accessed the page. Is there any out of the box/black box feature that will help me know who has accessed a page from the time it was introduced to the present day?

Thanks a lot!!!


I don't think there is any built-in resource to do this.

You can easily create your own tracking mechanism. Create an object, let's say VF_Tracking__c, that has a lookup(User) User__c, text(255) VF_Page_Visited__c, and dateTime Datetime_Visited__c plus anything else you want to track.

In your Visualforce controller, create a pageReference method to track who visits the page, and use it in the Action parameter in the apex:page compenent in your VF page.



public class myVFController{

    public pageReference trackVisits(){
        VF_Tracking__c newTracking = new VF_Tracking__c(User__c=UserInfo.getUserId(),VF_Page_Visited__c='myVFPage',Datetime_Visited__c=datetime.now());
        insert newTracking;
        return null;
    }//END trackVisits

}//END class

VF Page (called "myVFPage")

<apex:page action="{!trackVisits}">

  • I want to know who have visited in the past and I am not concerned about the future visits. Though this solution is awesome it does not help me :(. Thanks for your inputs :) – Rao Jul 30 '13 at 19:38
  • Ya, there's no solution for looking back, but you can always implement some code today and be able to answer this question in the future – Scott Pelak Jul 31 '13 at 18:44
  • I checked with customer success and have confirmed that even internally we don't have a method of tracking VF page usage per user. My one suggestion to the above idea is to make this a custom component so you can just drop it onto any VF page and track that page where needed. – pchittum Jan 6 '14 at 15:36

you can definitely build a quick custom solution for tracking the page usage using a custom object and some apex coding. But as far as i know there is no OOB solution for tracking this.


There is no feature available that will provide you with historical tracking data. Unless you've had a system in place you can't get data from it, and I've never heard of such a feature being available even internally to Salesforce.com.

The best option is to get tracking in place now rather than later, either using a tool like Google Analytics or a custom one using a quick change to the controller (might be best since you can track users easily across sessions etc.).

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