When I create a queue, a list view is automatically created. I don't need these list views and it is quite annoying to delete them. Is there a possiblity that these list views are not automatically created or is there any workaround?

Many thanks.


Currently (Winter 17 release) this is not possible for most objects, anytime a new queue is created a new list view will also be created with permissions for all user types to see it. There are exceptions for the Order object where it is not created by default.

Developer documentation reference:

When you create a queue, a corresponding list view is automatically created

There is this idea for it to be restricted to the admin creating it or giving a warning on creation.

  • Thanks for your response. Is it possible to delete list views in Apex? I always get the error: System.TypeException: DML operation DELETE not allowed on ListView – Sabrina Nov 8 '16 at 11:45
  • I'm going to guess that exception confirms that it is not possible to use Apex to delete the ListViews. I've not tried to myself so haven't encountered that error yet. – Dave Humm Nov 8 '16 at 12:55

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