I need to write a validation rule on opportunity that pricebook 'A' & 'B' can be used only for Opportunity record type '1'. If any other record type is selected then other than these price books can be selected but not 'A' & 'B'. I have written a rule which works only for that case but if tested for some other it saves the record.

((RecordTypeId != '1') && ((Pricebook2Id = 'A') || (Pricebook2Id = 'B')))

Can someone please help?


You want your validation rule to return FALSE when the user should be allowed to save. So, assuming you want Record Type '1' to only allow price books A and B, then you need to make sure that it returns FALSE when A or B is selected, and TRUE otherwise. Based on that information, it looks like you want something like the following:

    Pricebook2.Name<>'A' && Pricebook2.Name<>'B',
    Pricebook2.Name='A' || Pricebook2.Name='B')

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