I have a custom object, HeddyImports, which is linked to Account records. That is, Account is the parent of HeddyImports. When I go to a page to see an Account, the if I scroll down, I see a list of HeddyImport records that are linked to this Account. However, two fields are shown, the "name" and the "title":

Edit | Del  a0341000002tsTl Competitor : Minted LLC
Edit | Del  a0341000002tsTo Investor: Technology Crossover Ventures

The "name" field looks horrible. I think the values are autogenerated by Salesforce? Can I keep the "name" field from appearing in this list?

  • Name does not have to be an autogenerated value it can be set as a Text string of 80 characters when the object is created or modified so it can contain a value that is clear to the business. However I would be careful about changing it when the object is already in use. – Dave Humm Nov 4 '16 at 17:18

No the name cannot be removed from the related list (using standard UI). It is used to access the record (link)

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