I have created a button on Quote object to generate PDF and need to implement the below when the Approval Notice Field met the condition : Approval Notice = null. No error message and will generate PDF Approval Notice = not null. Error message and does not generate PDF



var c = new sforce.SObject("Quote"); 
c.id = "{!Quote.Id}"; 
var status = "{!Quote__c.Approval_Notice__c}"; 
if(status = ' ') 
window.location = 'apex/QuotePDFCallerPage?id='+c.id; 
alert('Quote has not been approved can not generate PDF');

Please let me know if i am doing it correctly or not


You have logic bugs and a lot of extra fluff in your code. You simply need to do this:

if({!ISBLANK(Quote__c.Approval_Notice__c)}) {
    window.location = "/apex/QuotePDFCallerPage?id={!Quote__c.Id}";
} else {
    alert("Quote has not been approved yet, so you cannot generate the PDF.")

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