Our workflow:

  • The Account Rep creates an opportunity.
  • At the appropriate time, they 'request' a Consultant. This is done in SFDC with a checkbox "Consultant Requested"
  • This checkbox triggers an email to a Team Lead who would assign a specific Consultant, based on a number of factors.
  • The Team Lead goes to the SFDC Opportunity and adds the chosen Consultant to the Opportunity Team.
  • Upon addition to the Opportunity Team, an email is fired to the Consultant to inform them they are assigned.

The Problem:

  • Our Account Reps have access to add Team Members to their opportunity (to add executives to their sales opportunity), and will occasionally assign a Consultant to the Opportunity as well.
  • Even if it is the correct Consultant, the issue with this is that the Team Lead has to monitor and report assignments.

Some ideas for a solution:

  • Can we see who added a team member to the opportunity in some report?


  • Can we include in the triggered email some variable that indicates who has added them?

It currently says:

The following opportunity has a request for a Consultant and has been assigned to you. Please review.

XYZ Account Name

XYZ Opportunity Name


Can we make it say:

The following opportunity has a request for a Consultant, and has been assigned to you. Please review.

XYZ Account Name

XYZ Opportunity Name

Added to Opportunity Team by [Joe Smith]


  • Are you currently tracking the team lead in a lookup on the Opportunity, per chance?
    – Adrian Larson
    Nov 3 '16 at 1:58

Are you trying to Add a Team Member in Opportunity related list Or A field(Lookup to User Or simply a Text field) is being updated for Consultant?

-> If it is adding a Team Member you can get details from CreatedBy/LastModifiedBy from Opportunity Team Member Object

->If you are Updating a field(say lookup to user) you enable History Tracking for this field which will keep track of "who changed the value" & "From what to what it has been changed".

  • I needed history tracking. This was the value change that I needed to see. Thank you so much. Nov 10 '16 at 19:10

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