According to the new release (Winter '17) is available run mass action on multiples records, but anyone how do it?

All my list button aren't available in lightning experience


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List View Buttons Not Available in LEX

To Answer the statement "All my list button aren't available in lightning experience", any onclick javascript button that you have in salesforce classic will not appear in Lightning Experience.

Hence you will have to use custom visual-force buttons and standard SetControllers and recordSetVar to get the multiple selections from the list view page.. ( These buttons will appear only on List view page and not on recently viewed items list page )

Reference : Check out the last example to over-ride list view button and mass actions.

This blog series also shows what are the best alternatives for onclick javascript buttons in salesforce. Lightning Actions are not supported in List view sections as of now.

Mass Actions in VF pages

Mass actions can be performed using apex controller as follows

public class selectedSizeWorkaround {
    ApexPages.StandardSetController setCon;
    public selectedSizeWorkaround(ApexPages.StandardSetController controller) {
        setCon = controller;
    public integer getMySelectedSize() {
        return setCon.getSelected().size();
    public integer getMyRecordsSize() {
        return setCon.getRecords().size();

Reference : Mass Actions using VF and Apex Controller

The getSelected and getRecords methods should return sObjects on which we should be able to make our DML operations or our use case scenarios.

AFAIK, i think this is what the release note mean in terms of custom buttons and mass actions in lightning experience.

Remember those brilliant custom buttons that you created in Salesforce Classic by using Visualforce?
With the ability to select multiple records in a Lightning Experience list view, those buttons take on new life.
Watch your reps’ productivity soar when they click a button to perform a custom mass action on several records at once.
This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

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