Hi I want to show a confirm dialog as shown

enter image description here

can the do the same using Lightning CSS.

I know we can use onclick="return confirm('test');" but look and feel of the same is different. How should I achieve this easily using lightning?

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    Did you try Modals in Lightning Design System? – SE_User Nov 2 '16 at 9:49

I suggest you trigger an event with a callback function. Here is a light draft of what u could do.

MyComponent.helper :

    var callBack = function (dialogResult) {
    var NewEvent = $A.get('e.c:EvtRequestDialog') ;
        'question' : 'TitleOfYourQuestion',
        'answerList' : 'yes','no',
        'callBack': callBack 
    }).fire() ;

Your create a component MyDialogComponent, who handles this event, and is displayed when receiving it after the onClickMethod behind a button,

    // here reuse question & answer list to build the dialog
    // .....

    var callBack = component.get('v.callBack');
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Developed this component, in github.

It creates a custom confirmation dialog, allows custom title, tagline and body, handles the Esc key press to close it and best of all: will call back to your confirmation function, so no need to duplicate code everywhere.

<c:modal_confirmation title="Modal Confirmation Box" 
                      tagline="This is a modal confirmation box" 
                      message="Are you sure you want to continue?" 

Get to the code and tweak it for your needs, change the button labels, etc...

modal dialog example

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