We have about 10 custom packages in production. As best as I can guess these were used to deploy fields etc to sandboxes c. 2008 and have not been used since.

production packages

I would like to remove them, as they occasionally cause rather annoying issues and are not being used for anything. Currently I'm trying to uninstall a managed package we no longer need and I'm running into a dependency issue.

This extension depends on the package you are trying to uninstall. Venture II

Once I go into the unmanaged package, I do see the delete button. Before I press delete, I would like some guidance to be sure that deleting the package wont actually delete any fields or other metadata that are in the package.

delete button

I tried to test this in a sandbox, but I get the 'package was created in a production org so it cant be edited or deleted in a sandbox' error.

And I know uninstalling a package will remove fields, etc. I'm pretty sure this is a different scenario, but would hate to be wrong. Also if there are any considerations around the order in which I delete packages or anything else that could be helpful to know / learn / read, that would be most appreciated.

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I don't think that deleting packages will remove the components associated with it. Here is something you can read from Salesforce

From the list of packages, you can:

  • Click New to create a new package, enter a package name and description, and Click Save to store it in your list of packages.
  • Click Edit to update the package properties.
  • Click Del to delete the package. The components contained in your package are not deleted.
  • Click the name of the package to view the details of the package.

Packaging is a container for your components and you can delete them without any consequences and rest assured nothing will break .

Just be double sure to delete only those packages that you really want to get rid of them and do not accidentally delete a package which you need them else you will end up building again .(No loss except man hours )

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