1. Is it possible to declaratively capture the current 'Overall Status' from the Approval History object on the related master record? I assume that this is not possible.
  2. Is it possible to SOQL on the the 'Overall Status' field from the Approval History? I am not able to find this field via the API (workbench). Looking at the documentation, there is no field for 'Overall Status'.
  3. If it is not possible to SOQL on the 'Overall Status' field, is the best approach to use a custom Visualforce page to override the standard page and use JavaScript to capture the first index in the 'Overall Status' column? This answer looks like it would point me in the right direction. Or would another approach be to query all the ProcessInstanceSteps that belong to a single ProcessInstance record and query the StepStatus?

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It's just the Status field. You can also get the individual step statuses from ProcessInstanceStep.

SELECT Status, TargetObjectId, (Select StepStatus FROM Steps)
FROM ProcessInstance WHERE TargetObjectId = '<id_here>'

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