I'm building a Lightning component for communities and haven't found any questions mentioning this requirement.

I've got design:attribute elements for component configuration, mainly, the rating type.

<design:attribute name="ratingType" label="label here" description='Description here' datasource='Type 1,Type 2,Type 3'/>
<design:attribute name="conditionalCheckBox" label="label here" description='Description here'/>

<aura:attribute name='ratingType' type='String'/>
<aura:attribute name='conditionalCheckBox' type='Boolean'/>

I have another design attribute that is only applicable if, for example, type 1 is selected in the component configuration. If type 1 is selected, I'd like to display a checkbox (conditionalCheckBox) for further customization. Is it possible to only show this checkbox design attribute in the component configuration based on a previous selection?


The design file is static file with no JS controller attached to it .This sounds like a good candidate for an ideaExchange but currently do not think the platform provides you this ability .


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