I was wondering if it's possible to create an SFMC data extension by way of uploading a .csv file? I have one now with 60 fields which is likely to grow as I continue testing and would very much like the option to have SFMC simply create a data extension with the associated fields, rather than having to create them manually. However, I'm not seeing this option anywhere in the data extension creation dialog.


There's nothing built-in the platform to do something like that.

There's also nothing stopping you from writing something (in SFMC or not) with the SFMC Web Services to do it.

I use a combination of Excel and LINQPad script (using our own version of the SFMC SDK) to create Data Extensions.

  • wow that's an excellent idea, hadn't even looked at that as an option...thanks again! – Stephen Boyette Oct 25 '16 at 11:39

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