I have three things getting passed to a method that return List

1.Start date eg 1/1/2018

2.End date eg 1/8/2018

3.Days interval eg 7 days

i want to get all the dates from start date to end date based on the days interval.

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It looks like you are trying to find the 7th day after your initial date until you finally come to the end date. Am I right? If so, please see the following code. A while loop will allow you to iterate through your dates and will not go any further than the last date.

Date startDate = date.parse('1/1/2018');
Date endDate = startDate.addMonths(7);

Set<Date> datesBetweenStartEnd = new Set<Date>();

while(startDate < endDate) {
    startDate = startDate.addDays(7);


I'm not sure what you want to do with these dates therefore I am just storing them in a set to prevent duplicates (should never be) and so we can see them on the debug log.

Hope this helps.


You can do something like below. You can use addDays method of Date class to iterate over Interval days.

Date startDate = System.Today();
Integer interval = 7;
for(Integer i=1; i<=7;i++){
    Date newDate = startDate.addDays(1);
    startDate = newDate;
  • thank you @Devendra i am new to it so i was just looking for logic about how can i iterate a loop till the last date. i am having problem in it. Oct 24, 2016 at 7:33

Here is small example of iterating dates in loop. to implement your interval logic add variable and use break keyword.

date d1= system.today();
date d2 = d1.addDays(5);
date temp = d1;
while(temp<d2) {
    temp = temp.addDays(1);

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