I would like to simulate some web service calls, for which I need the Session Token. With an Admin user, I can simply click on the Developer Console and get UserInfo.getSessionId(). However, with a standard user, the Developer Console does not show up.

I thought of a workaround - log in as an admin, then log in as a standard user who has granted admins login access. This gives me the Console, but when I open it it gives me an Internal Server Error.

Is there any way to get the Standard User's Session Token?


You can get the session token from the cookie of the browser. The name of the cookie is 'sid'. In Chrome, you can find the cookie by going to settings->advanced settings->privacy->content settings->allcookie and site data and then seacrch for yourinstance.salesforce.com and select the sid cookie and the copy the content of this cookie.

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