To all, There is a formula field Stage_Changes_Status_c with return type Text.Here my requirement is following,

Once I select the Opportunity in the stage to the any it's value like in the list of Prospecting to Closed Off it's provide the appropriate probability to it's stage. So It's should be shown as:

 "probability changed : 'probability of (selected stage's probability)'% 

following like an above showed. When I modified the previous probability value to the new one, it should be shown like the following,

"Probability changed:'probability of (previous selected stage's probability)'% - probability of (current stage's probability)'%"

I was trying this task as follows:

("probability changed : 'probability of a'% - 'probability of b'%"),

(SUBSTITUTE(("probability changed : 'probability of a'% - 'probability of b'%"), 'probability of a', 
TEXT( Probability *100))),

(SUBSTITUTE((SUBSTITUTE(("probability changed : 'probability of a'% - 'probability of b'%"), 'probability of a', 
TEXT( Probability *100))),
'probability of b', 
TEXT( Probability *100)))

Above code is doesn't provide the output and the error also I don't know why so. Please help to solve this issue.

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If you want to know old and new probability.

  1. Create a new percent field (Old Probability)
  2. Create a workflow rule (ischange(Probability))
  3. Field update on old probability PriorValue(Probability)
  4. Then use old and new probability field on formula field.
  • thanks for giving idea but in workflow there is no operator like is change so what am I do plz give the suggestion to rectify this problem
    – Raj
    Commented Oct 21, 2016 at 14:28
  • isChanged(Probability ) is works for probability.
    – S B
    Commented Oct 21, 2016 at 14:56

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