In Marketing Cloud, I am facing error message : "A profile center link is missing from this email. For template based email, please contact our customer service."

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What should I do ?

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You need to add the required Personalization Strings to your email HTML as outlined in the error message:

Subscription Center: %%subscription_center_url%%

Profile Center: %%profile_center_url%%

One-click Unsubscribe: %%unsub_center_url%%

Sender address: %%member_busname%% %%member_addr%% %%member_city%% %%member_state%% %%member_postalcode%% %%member_country%%

Further reference:


Just to add to this, we found we were getting click throughs using the scripting hack from Adam so changed to the solution from Data_Kid.

This sometimes displayed the ridiculously long link for (at least) Windows users on Outlook 16 so am now using:-

<div style="display:none"><a href="%%profile_center_url%%">.</a></div> 

which displays a fullstop at worst.


There's one circumstance under which Adam's answer is not correct - if you are using your own CRM/website for unsubscribes. If so, talk to your AE or support to have that warning disabled on your account.

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    There's also a scripting hack to bypass it -- %%[ if 0 == 1 then ]%%%%profile_center_url%%%%[endif]%% Commented Oct 21, 2016 at 11:54
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    You could also do <div style="display:none"> %%profile_center_url%% </div>
    – 0xsegfault
    Commented May 21, 2017 at 18:45

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