While working on a Lightning Component that can be invoked inside a Lightning Record Home Page as well as Quick Actions. But I need to present different User interface in both context of the component.

So when the Lightning Component is placed in Lightning Record Home Page it displays a Div containing some specific fields or text, while when the component is invoked from Quick Actions, it shows some other fields and text.

I've implemented following interfaces:


Is there a way I can detect the running context and Render (using aura:if) different set of container for each interface?

  • Detecting the context of a QuickAction for a component in general would be very useful, I agree. For your specific problem a base-class where common logic is shared could be the a good solution, so you extend the base-class and have 2 concrete implementations doing the visual stuff. So you can add the one component to the QuickAction and the second one to the home page. May 31, 2017 at 15:00


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