I want to create a report that summarizes contacts coming from data.com vs other. Can you create a bucket field on a report that shows 2 buckets:

Data.com bucket: Data.com Key != null Other: Data.com Key is null

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So far I know, Bucketing is done based on the values of selected field. So, if Data.com Key is null, it cannot be defined as Other.

And most importantly, Bucketing is good when you have fixed or limited set of values (just like picklist) where based on picklist values you can define bucket values and unbucketed values will be mapped to Other. Here scenario doesn't fit for that.

You can define a formula (text) field like:

IF(ISBLANK( Jigsaw),'Other','Data.com bucket')

and use this formula field as Group by in Summary report.

For more information, refer this video: Getting Started With Buckets

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