• Users require "Customize Application" system permission to edit/create object
  • Profile has Modify all permission on that object

Has anyone see this before? Just toggling the customize application permission alone is enough to enable/disable their access to edit/create this object.

  • What is the type of the object? Is it a custom setting or a standard sObject?
    – dsharrison
    Oct 14, 2016 at 21:18
  • It is a sObject.
    – jaw999
    Oct 17, 2016 at 12:29

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The issue was a previous admin had added a field linking to an in development custom object to the page. Removing this field fixed the issue.


Following permissions are enabled automatically when the Customize Application profile permission is enabled.

Customize Application (Permission):

Customize the organization using App Setup menu options.

Edit messages and custom links;

Modify standard picklist values;

Create, edit, and delete custom fields;

Create, edit, and delete page layouts (also requires the “Edit” permission for the object, for example, “Edit” on accounts);

Set field-level security;

Create, edit, and delete custom links;

Edit the Lead Settings;

Activate big deal alerts;

Create record types;

Set up Web-to-Case and email response rules;

Set up Web-to-Lead and email response rules;

Set up assignment and escalation rules;

Set up business hours;

Set up Email-to-Case or On-Demand Email-to-Case;

Edit Self-Service page layouts and portal color theme (also requires the “Manage Self-Service Portal” permission to set up and maintain Self-Service settings and delete your organization's Self-Closed Case Status value);

Set up and enable multilingual solutions;

Set up team selling;

Set up account teams;

Map custom lead fields;

Manage queues;

Create, edit, and delete workflow rules, tasks, field updates, outbound messages, and alerts;

Create, edit, and delete custom s-controls, custom objects, and custom tabs;

Rename tabs;

Manage custom apps and Service Cloud console apps;

Create and edit public calendars and resources;

Set up the console;

Enable, set up, and modify the Salesforce Customer Portal;

Set up and schedule analytic snapshots to run;

Create communities for ideas and answers;

Create Visualforce email templates

  • There are no s controls on the edit/new page. The buttons haven't been redirected. The profile has modify all access to the object. Really it seems any profile lacking the customize application can't get to edit/create this object.
    – jaw999
    Oct 17, 2016 at 12:24
  • There are triggers on the object but they are after triggers - users cannot even open the edit/new screens :(
    – jaw999
    Oct 17, 2016 at 12:55

It seems like you are trying to use Force.com license with a Standard CRM object that it shouldn't have access.


You can clone a standard user profile but if you choose a "salesforce platform" license you will not be able to find the "customize application" permission.

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