I tried declaring an empty string named tocheck, and I passed this variable to my method. This should cover the else clause in my code. However, this snippet is not covered. What else can I try to provide code coverage of my conditional statement?

Full Coverage, except on <code>else</code> branch

public static String sourceConfidence(String sourceSystemID){
        if(sourceSystemID != '' ||sourceSystemID != null){
                Source_System_Configuaration__c  result = [SELECT Source_Confidence__c FROM Source_System_Configuaration__c WHERE System_Id__c= :sourceSystemID];

            }catch(Exception e){
                return '0';
        }else {
        return '0';

    return String.ValueOf(sourceConfidence);


It looks like a condition ambiguity in the code. You want to prevent null and blank to enter in main code.

But if(sourceSystemID != '' ||sourceSystemID != null) will not work. If you pass a null, it will make the first condition true and let the code enter in main code. If you pass blank then it will make second condition true and let the code enter in main code.

I will suggest to change the condition as:

if(sourceSystemID != ''  && sourceSystemID != null) // check with AND
   // bla

Kieth C's suggestion (better):

if(!String.isEmpty(sourceSystemID)) // check both null and blank
   // bla

Now you can pass:

ClassName.sourceConfidence(null); // This
ClassName.sourceConfidence(''); // or this

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