I'm setting up Single Sign On using SAML 2 on Salesforce, and had it working fine, and am forcing users to login at the Identity Provider.

But I made a mistake and changed my SAML to using "Just in Time Provisioning", and now I can't login anymore, as my IdP isn't configured for it. And unfortunately, I also configured it so logging in via my IdP was the only way users can login, so now it appears that I'm effectively locked out!

How can I login to my domain? Is the only way to do so is to get my IdP's assertion correctly setup now to work with JIT provisioning? Is there an url I can use to login at "login.salesforce.com", even though I've explicitely dissallowed this in my "My Domain" config?

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Yeah! Turns out I could just to to


and use the "Forgot Password" link to reset my password. It sent me an email that let me change my password, and logged me in directly to Salesforce after I changed it.

Then I just went to my "My Domain" settings, and disabled "Force login via IDP"

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