I have a repeating issue that something is sending out e-mails and I can't figure out what. The e-mail contains a simple notification with a Link to a task created.

I have confirmed from the logs that the org was sending them out. The e-mail does not match any e-Mail template, there is no email alert that mathes it, none of the standard things are a pure negative.

My question is, ... This is happening only during a Lead conversion process. Both the lead and Task have the e-mails's user set as owner. Is it possible, that there is a default functionality to automatically send out the e-mail, during the task creation or lead conversion process, to the RecordOwner.

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Looking at the Apex lead conversion code there is indeed an option for email to the lead owner. However it is by default false.

See setSendNotificationEmail(sendEmail)


How that is manipulated in the UI I don't know I'm afraid.

Possibly - Settings - Customize -> Lead Settings -> Notify Default Lead Owner

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I was having this issue also and it turned out the email was being triggered by the queue in the object. Just went to setup > queues and then the recipients were there. I know this is an old post, so I am sure you are not still looking for the answer to this, but, it might help someone else.

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