We're working with Steelbrick which is a managed package and I'm struggling with an error message which is surfacing now we have deployed to Production.

The error message says "No metadata was retrieved for field SBQQ__QuoteLine__c.Formula" which looks like a FLS issue to me - however I've been unable to recreate by removing FLS access to the field I suspect in our dev sandbox.

Has anyone encountered an issue like this previously and have any suggestions?



The issue turned out to be related to a errant Pricing Rule trying to populate a field with the text value "Formula", hence the random error message.

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  • Can you edit this answer to be more detailed? As it stands, I wonder how much this would help someone else who had the same issue. – Adrian Larson Nov 16 '16 at 21:00

Please check the CPQ version ( compare it with other org where it is working ), the field used in Price Action formula may not be available for this CPQ version.

Note: This is applicable only if you are using Package field in the formula. Local custom fields do not throw error unless the Target Object selected has the all fields used in the formula.

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