Is it possible to do a "SOQL for loops" for a collection? I want to know the number of Assets for each AccountID.

At first time I created a set that contains the AccountID and I used the SOQL for Loops to query Asset Object.

Set<Id> setIDAccount = new Set<Id>();
for(List<Asset> listAsset : [SELECT id, AccountId FROM Asset]){
    for(Asset a : listAsset)

At this point I want do a query for each ID present in setIDAccount and get the number of Asset for this AccountID. The simplest way is to do a for:

for(Id i : setIDAccount){
  System.debug([SELECT COUNT() FROM Asset WHERE AccountID =: i]);

The code is ok but I would write a better version. Is it possible not to use the FOR LOOP to iterate on set and do a query in it? How can I do it in a bulk way?

Thanks :)

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As Account and Assets are related, you can use a sub query to querty/count assets using its Relationship Name.

Using a Workbench, identify the Relation Name for Asset object and then perform a query.

In your code, you have written a SOQL inside a for loop. This will give SOQL Exception error if you have more than 100 account records.

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List<Account> accountList = [Select id, (Select Id from Assets) from Account]; // Add Where Condition fro Account

for(Account objAccount : accountList){
   System.debug('Count Assets ###'+objAccount.Assets.size());
  • Thanks a lot! It's a perfect solution but I have a curiosity: Isn't possible do a "SOQL Loops" for a collection?
    – vt89
    Oct 13, 2016 at 11:01
  • I'm glad, it worked for you!
    – Devendra
    Oct 13, 2016 at 17:20

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