Hello: I have what sounded like a very simple task to fulfill. Create a report of Accounts that includes a field showing the number of Cases associated with the account.

So the final report should resemble a list view, with some general account information, Account Name, Owner, Zip Code and a couple other standard fields. Then there should be a field with the number of Cases tied to the account.

I can get a sum next to an account name using Summary or Matrix reports. But when I add any additional account field it adds a second Summary line. The line serves no purpose and negates what I am trying to do, one line per account.

This seems like it should be extremely simple to accomplish, but I cannot figure it out despite working through the reporting Trailheads etc.

Can anyone shed some light on how I can do this?

  • This is not possible - you will be always getting another line if you add to the report more fields, different from what group field(s) are. As a workaround, you can save report with hidden details, and users would click on 'Show details' only when they want to see them.
    – o-lexi
    Oct 6, 2016 at 21:06

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Best way to keep your report clean is to create a field on Account that stores the number of Cases on an Account. Since Account is a lookup relationship you can't use rollup summary fields here. So you would have to use apex for that (or workflow / processbuilder). An Apex example you find here on developer.salesforce.com.


You can use hid details as @Oleksiy mentioned, it would be a good Option to get the summary for both Number or Case and Summary for the other Field.

But what is that second field? Is it a Picklist? If so, we can use a Matrix Report where you can have two or upto four fields grouped together to form a Matrix Report.

The following links might help you more



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