I am new to API integration. I have a project where requirement is mostly based on SalesForce Integration.

I need to manage membership form, subscribe form, contact form, event form with SalesForce integration.

I am good at core php but i am not getting how to perform CRUD operation to generate, edit, delete, update lead on submission of individual form.

What i need is the basic working example of SalesForce integration with PHP and How to integrate with REST API.

Please provide the working source of SalesForce Integration with PHP.


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As @Ratan already said, if you want to use the SOAP API you can go to the developer pages.

If you're looking to use the REST API, you can look at this Salesforce Cookbook page.

If you're using a PHP Framework, such as Laravel, there is a Laravel Extension called Forrest.

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    That Salesforce Cookbook page was posted in 2010, do you know if it is still relevant?
    – Pere
    Jun 6, 2018 at 8:45

A bit of a dated question but I've been tasked with this for a project today, so perhaps I've got some useful notes for someone else coming up to the same situation.

I came across a PHP library to provide you with a SalesForce SOAP client you can make functional calls to:


This is available via Composer if you're looking for a ready-to-use library not tied to a specific framework:

composer require phpforce/common dev-master
composer require phpforce/soap-client dev-master

This library is also capable of logging to a PSR-3 compatible logger interface such as the widely used Monolog. -- A nice bonus.

So far this seems like a reputable package considering it only has a dev-master checkout (no 1.0 yet), though I'm still quite early into using it.

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