I note that this help document explains:

For data storage, Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions are allocated the greater of 1 GB or a per-user limit. For example, a Professional Edition org with 10 users receives 1 GB, because 10 users multiplied by 20 MB per user is 200 MB, which is less than the 1 GB minimum. A Professional Edition org with 100 users receives more than the 1 GB minimum, because 100 users multiplied by 20 MB per user is 2,000 MB.

However, this explanation conflicts with the documentation provided in this Sales Cloud Edition sell sheet which includes the footnote:

† All editions include a minimum of 1 GB of data and 11 GB of storage shared by all users. Additional data storage is available on a per-org basis for each edition.

Is someone able to clarify what the actual model is?

  • Is it 20MB per user with a minimum of 1GB or is it 11GB?
  • How does the incremental storage model work for "additional data storage"? Do you purchase in 1GB increments and is this shared across all users?

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It appears that is a typo, they left out the word "File", to distinguish between Data storage and File storage. See reference: https://www.shellblack.com/data/storage/

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