I have a requirement in which I should check from my sidebar VF page whether the enclosing primary tab is opened in edit mode or not. How can I check that?

Here the primary tab edit page is a VF page. I could see the URL for Edit and detail page the same in salesforce service console.

If the primary tab opened in edit mode I want to do some operation in the sidebar VF page.

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You could use the event handling mechanisms in the console toolkit to do this. Since your edit page is a VF page you could use the toolkit fire a custom event like this when the edit page loads (alternatively, use a custom JS button to replace your Edit button on the detail page and fire this event from there)

sforce.console.fireEvent( 'MyCustomEditEvent', 'Some event message you send', (optional)callback:Function );

Then in your sidebar you have a listener like this

sforce.console.addEventListener( 'MyCustomEditEvent', eventListener:Function)

Then the eventListener function you specify does whatever handling you want the sidebar to do.


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