I have a formula field called Search_Quote__c on VM_Sales_Order__c object. The field formula is as follows.

HYPERLINK("_ui/search/ui/UnifiedSearchResults?str="&Quote_No__c, Quote_No__c)

WHen I try to put this field on email template it shows up like a big link

<a href="_ui/search/ui/UnifiedSearchResults?str=Q-62867" target="_blank">Q-62867</a>

and not like a output link. Is there a way I can just show the quote number and not this big link.


Don't use the formula field as it will output as the fill link. Simply do this (HTML, custom Template, or VF):

<a href="_ui/search/ui/UnifiedSearchResults?str={!Quote__c.QuoteNumber}" target="_blank">{!Quote__c.QuoteNumber}</a>

Ensuring you use your correct merge fields. Since the formula field is using values from the object your email merge text just replicates the formula.

  • Hi Eric, Can you please elaborate what you meant. Mine is a visualforce email template not HTML template.
    – user31302
    Oct 3 '16 at 21:47
  • You can do the same thing in a VF email template. Just use the <a> tag in your VF template. Essentially recreate the formula output using html tags and merge fields on the vf email template do not use the formula field.
    – Eric
    Oct 3 '16 at 21:48

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