I have journey builder working fine and linked to DataExtensionA, now I need to stop the journey/exit during a contact in the journey when a particular field set to true in the DataExtensionB.

How I can configure this? Do I need to add DataExtensionB to population as well?

DataExtensionA salesforceid do exist in DataExtensionB as well.

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Data Extension B will need to be included as an Attribute Set in an Attribute Group. Once it's done this, create a Goal that evaluates the boolean field in Data Extension B as the Contact Filter.

After the Contact Filter step, select the Exit Option 'When the customer reaches this goal, they will exit the Interaction'. This will cause Contacts to be ejected from the Journey when they reach the Goal.

FYI, Goals are evaluated:

  1. Each time a contact is fired into a journey
  2. Each time a wait period expires
  3. Every day at midnight, Central Standard Time

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