I got a requirement like to calculate average in account based on particular record type of case. My requirement is:

I have a field called ARP in account currency. I want to calculate overall average of ARP field in particular record type called customer order whether Case details either new or add-on.

So I'm trying write a trigger a trigger.

BARP field in case is a formula currency data type.In account also i had created Arpu name with currency(5,2).

But i am getting a difference in average.

For sample scenario: 41.51 & 94.51

Actual average for above scenario like 67.5.But, i am getting 139.51

trigger ForARPU on case (after delete, after insert) 
Id recordTypeId = [Select Id From RecordType Where DeveloperName = 
List<Account> Accountstoupdate =new List<Account>();
List<Case> CaseIDs = new List<Case>();
for (Case s : Trigger.new)
    if(s.RecordTypeId == recordTypeId && s.Case_Details__c =='New 
                                  Subscription' || s.Case_Details__c =='Add On' ) 

set<Id> setCaseIds = new set<Id>();
for(Case c : [SELECT Id,ARPU__c,accountId FROM Case WHERE Id IN :CaseIDs]){
List<Account> MList = [select Id,name,ARPU__c  from Account where id =:setCaseIds];
List <aggregateResult> groupedResults = [select sum(ARPU__c)aver from case where AccountId =: MList];
Decimal decimalRevenue = 0;
For(account a1: MList) {
if(groupedResults.size() > 0) 
    String str = '' + groupedResults[0].get('aver') ;
    decimalRevenue = Decimal.ValueOf(str) ;
    System.debug('decimalRevenue ::::: ' + decimalRevenue) ;
    a1.ARPU__c  = decimalRevenue;
if(Accountstoupdate.size()>0) {
    update Accountstoupdate;

Please can anyone tell me where did i went to wrong side


Here if you don't get any results in query then you will get exception

Account M = [select Id,name,ARPU__c  from Account where id =:setCaseIds];

You should use it as

List<Account> MList = [select Id,name,ARPU__c  from Account where id =:setCaseIds];

also as you are passing set of Id so you will get multiple results so assign this to list.

  • Thanks It works fine.For sharing knowledge.But i didn't get actual average.There is a difference in average.@Tushar Sharma
    – Pavan tej
    Sep 27 '16 at 16:36
  • @Pavantej you can post another question for that. If it solves your problem you can accept thhis answer. Sep 27 '16 at 16:37

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