Is there a way that I can pull a personalization string variable, such as someone's last purchase amount, and multiply it? For example:

I pull %%Last Purchase Amount%%, which is 100, and I want to multiply it by 1.5 so that the string resolves to 150. Is there a way I can do this through AMPscript or something?



Sure thing.

You could do something like this:


var @lastPurchaseAmount
set @lastPurchaseAmount= AttributeValue("Last Purchase Amount")

if empty(@lastPurchaseAmount) then
  set @lastPurchaseAmount = "0"
  set @lastPurchaseAmount = multiply(@lastPurchaseAmount,1.5) 

<br>Last Purchase Amount: %%=v(@lastPurchaseAmount)=%%

You can also format the output using the FormatNumber(), FormatCurrency() or Format() functions.


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