I am using the following Visualforce page to display my full dashboard on my home page vs just the first 3 rows:

<apex:page >
  <src="/01Z14000000kQBw?isdtp=nv" scrolling="true" height="1000px" width="100%"/> 

however when I load up my home page, it's just blank. I am curious as to what I might be doing wrong?


Your approach will not work.Try building dashboard with analytics:reportchart and embed this page in visuaforce homecomponent

 <apex:panelGrid columns="3">
   <apex:panelGroup id="theGroup1">
   <apex:outputText>Report 1</apex:outputText>
   <analytics:reportChart reportId="00O55000000OZVL" />
   <apex:panelGroup id="theGroup2">
   <apex:outputText>Report 2</apex:outputText>
   <analytics:reportChart reportId="00O55000000OZVM" />
   <apex:panelGroup id="theGroup3">
   <apex:outputText>Report 3</apex:outputText>
   <analytics:reportChart reportId="00O55000000OZVO" />
    <apex:panelGroup id="theGroup4">
   <apex:outputText>Report 4</apex:outputText>
   <analytics:reportChart reportId="00O55000000OZVS" />
   <apex:panelGroup id="theGroup5">
   <apex:outputText>Report 5</apex:outputText>
   <analytics:reportChart reportId="00O55000000OZVN" />
   <apex:panelGroup id="theGroup6">
   <apex:outputText>Report 6</apex:outputText>
   <analytics:reportChart reportId="00O55000000OZVI" />
  • This works well, the only issue is, is there a way to get the chart's name to display? – B.Wayne Sep 22 '16 at 19:54
  • @B.Wayne updated code – sfdc Sep 22 '16 at 20:20

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