Below URL we are using as Un-subscription link in our Exact Target email template. It's working perfectly fine; until someone have "+" sign in Email then user sees an error page.


When I manually replace "+" sign with '%2b' in URL then it works.

Is there a way I can encode/decode or replace Emails with plus sign in URL? I tried URLEncode function but it did not work.

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I'd opt for using the Base64 encode/decode functions, so you're not passing PII around in the URLs.


SET @email = AttributeValue("Email")
SET @email = Base64Encode(@Email)
<a href="%%=RedirectTo(ConCat('http://example.com/page.aspx?QS=12345&e=',@email))=%%">link</a>

Landing Page

SET @email = QueryParameter("e")
set @email = Base64Decode(@Email,"UTF-8")
<br>Email: %%=v(@email)=%%



You can use Replace AmpScript function to replace emailaddress '+' sign to any other special characters something like below.

Email Code:

SET @Corporation = AttributeValue("Corporation")
SET @RecordType = AttributeValue("RecordType")
SET @Email = AttributeValue("Email")
SET @Email = Replace(@Email,'+','*')

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p><a href="%%=RedirectTo(ConCat('http://pages.abc.com/page.aspx?QS=12345&email=',@Email,'&corporation=',@Corporation,'&recordtype=',@RecordType))=%%">Unsubscribe</a></p>

LandingPage Code:

SET @Email = QueryParameter("email")
SET @Email = Replace(@Email,'*','+')


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