Hi i have code that shows an error "Error: simplegetset Compile Error: Variable is not visible: userinput at line 14 column 15".I just want to know is this not right way to define get and set here is the code.

public class simplegetset
  // public String userinput{get; set;}
   public string userinput{set;}
   //public string userinput{get;}
  /* public void setUserinput(string userinput)
       this.userinput = userinput;
   } */

  public void getUserinput()
       return userinput;

And same if I declare getter setter like this and when I write like this

public class simplegetset {  
    public string userinput{get;}                                                                                                                                                 public string userinput{get;}
    public void setUserinput(string userinput){
       this.userinput = userinput;

Its shown an same error "Variable is not visible" is this not right way to declare getter and setter?

  • They're both right technically, but as Caspar pointed out you have a syntax error in your getter method (void return on a getter doesn't make sense). I avoid mixing the two types though. There is also a longer form of the get; set; that allows for processing (e.g.: get { // code here and return statement }) – drakored Sep 22 '16 at 7:44
  • Take a look at the Apex Properties documentation for examples of the get/set syntax that is shorthand for writing getter and setter methods. – Keith C Sep 22 '16 at 7:52
  • I added another example below. Like Keith C said, read the docs - it's pretty clear. – Caspar Harmer Sep 22 '16 at 9:35
  • Actually, the problem you are really having is that you are MIXING the two types of getters/setters - either use the {get;set;} syntax or use the getVarName syntax - not a bit of both. – Caspar Harmer Sep 22 '16 at 9:37
  • Its mean its not good way to declare getter setter either you declare in single line like this "public String userinput{get; set;}" or by defining seprate both getter and setter "public void setUserinput(string userinput){ }" and like "public String getUserinput()" this pattern – Bonny Sep 22 '16 at 9:42

Redefine your getter like this:

public String getUserinput()
   return userinput;

You are not returning a string from the getter, currently you are returning void, which won't work for a getter.

Another example:

  public String userinput {
  get {
      return this.userinput;
  set {
      this.userinput = value;

Note, value is predefined and you need to use this name.

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  • Hi casper i redefine using string return type but its shows same error Variable is not visible: userinput at line 14 column 15 – Bonny Sep 22 '16 at 9:19
  • hi casper what if i want to pass value from vf page beacuse i used vf page for this controller – Bonny Sep 22 '16 at 9:47
  • The page and controller will handle it for you. All you really need is this: public String userinput {get;set;} - this is because you are not doing anything else in the getters/setters and can use the default. – Caspar Harmer Sep 22 '16 at 9:52
  • Thanks Casper i firstly tried same stament but i learn to use getter and setter in different ways and now i know there is only two right way. first with single statement as you define above and second right getter and setter seprately Thanks. – Bonny Sep 22 '16 at 9:58
  • Oh so you already knew how to use! I see know. Yep, I think there are only two ways :) – Caspar Harmer Sep 22 '16 at 10:01

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