We want to update contact in our Journey. The data extension A enters the journey and it has "UNIQ_ID" column linked to Contact Key in Data designer. In the journey, we want to update "Flag" column in data extension B. Data extesnion B also has "UNIQ_ID".

Should Data extension A and data extension B be linked by "UNIQ_ID" in Data designer for this? Is there anything else we need to do ? I have set "record Date" field in data extension B to "Current date" to capture record date. Will it update everytime we update the contact ?

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You should be able to create a 1:1 cardinal relationship linking the UNIQ_ID field from DE A to the same field in DE B. Note that DE A should be mapped to the Contact Record, so your Attribute Group would look like:

Contact Record <- link to Contact Key -> DE A <- link to UNIQ_ID -> DE B

No the record date won't update with the Date. The current date feature that you refer to is just used when a record is created. There is no method to insert the current date using an Update Contact Data Activity at this time.

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