If a user is on standard edit page of an object,is it possible to show a pop-up at regular intervals let's say 5 mins to remind users to save the record.

So far,

I have created custom edit button and executing javascript


setTimeout(myFunction, 3000);

function myFunction() { alert('Hello'); }

this is opening edit page in new tab and pop-up is showing after 3s but in detail page tab.

If I use window.open('/{!Study_CELG_IPS__c.Id}/e','_self'); then pop-up is not working.


This is not possible using any of the currently (sept '16) available Salesforce technologies.

You could do it with a javascript workaround as described here: End of javascript sidebar workarounds? That's definitely not for newbies, though..

My advise would be to educate your end users to not forget to save.. Or you could put up a warning message in a formula field, and put that at the top of the page layout (ugly, though).

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    Guy,I have updated my approach so far in question,is there any workaround that could be done in order to achieve this – newbiesalesforce Sep 21 '16 at 10:07

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