Given a Salesforce pod/instance name such as NA3 or CS6 how can I find it's physical location?

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You can do a DNS lookup to find what it is an alias for. E.g. for na5 via DNS lookup.

na5.salesforce.com is an alias for na5-chi.salesforce.com.
na5-chi.salesforce.com has address
na5-chi.salesforce.com has address

Note the na5-chi. That would be the CHI airport code - so somewhere in Chicago.

Again for cs6:

cs6.salesforce.com is an alias for cs6-tyo.salesforce.com.
cs6-tyo.salesforce.com has address
cs6-tyo.salesforce.com has address

So TYO - Tokyo.

Interestingly enough, the location based on the IP address alone is Singapore.

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    The data centre used to be in Singapore and it's moved to Japan now. I guess they are still using the old DNS servers though. – Boris Bachovski Sep 19 '16 at 23:42
  • Yeah, it will be something like that. Interesting that the DNS alias gives a more accurate location. – Daniel Ballinger Sep 20 '16 at 0:26

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