Two questions:

  1. If an object in production has more than 10K records, can I migrate the remainder or is that a hard limit?
  2. If an object has less than 10K records, will all of the records come over during a refresh?

Partial Copy Sandbox is limited to maximum 10000 records per object. Even though, the sandbox-storage is 5 GB, the 10000 limit is applied.

  1. You can not add more than 10K records, as there is a limit per object.

  2. As partial copy has 5 GB storage space, you can load 10000 records. Salesforce Custom Object record needs 2 KB space to store its data. Assuming this consideration, you can store less than 10000 records after refresh in Partial copy sandbox.

What are the various record sizes?

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    These are all "soft" limits though, in some manner or other. – Adrian Larson Sep 19 '16 at 19:56

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