The users of my org have a needs but I don't know how to help them. In my Organization there are two objects Opportunity and P&L. Every Opportunity have one and only one P&L where the agents insert more information about the Opportunity's products. The problem is that: The users can add Opportunity's products after the P&L is created. They want an Alert that says :"P&L already exists, go and modify it."

My question is: Can I add an alert on the button "add product" that pops up only when P&L already exists?


If the Add Product is a custom button, you can make it a JavaScript button and add your validation logic similar to below:


var queryResult = sforce.connection.query("SELECT Id from P_AND_L_OBJECT_API_NAME where Opportunity__c ='{!Opportunity.Id}' limit 1");

records = queryResult.getArray("records"); 

   alert('P&L already exists');
   //navigate to page for adding new Opportunity Product

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