I am trying to insert a great number of ui:inputDate tags in one component and realized, that getting the following unknown error:

Something has gone wrong. [NoErrorObjectAvailable] Aura.loadComponent(): Failed to initialize application. Event fired . Please try again.

There is no any documentation about limitation of usage tags in components... So the question is, does anyone know how to workaround it and what is the limit?

Update with Winter '17 release bug is still here, but another error message:

Something has gone wrong. Error in defaultHandler for event: markup://aura:systemError [$A.auraError is not a constructor]

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Okay, after a lot of testing I have found that for now in Summer '16 release there is a straight limitation of used ui:inputDate tag. The number of limit is 28. With adding 29-th element, you will see this unknown error.


sf support recognized it as bug. It is going to be fixed in Spring '17 release

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