It seems that LDS has lots of features but when you try to use that with Lightning components, it can not be used like for ui:radioInput where id in the for clause is requird. There you can not set id of for ui:radioInput it is auto generated. There seems to be gap between LDS and lightning components. They should be played well together. I looked for documentation but didn't find any.

Is there any documentation which could help how to use lightning components along with the LDS stlyes?


Winter 17 released something recently known as lightning base components .These are supposed to bridge lot of gaps between SLDS and the lightning component framework .

While some of the components are in BETA still it has large set of components that are almost PROD ready .

If you are testing this inside an app use extends="SLDS" for aura:application

Take a look at Lightning Input tag and type=radio

If your sandbox is upgraded to winter 17 then try below

 <lightning:input type="radio" name="Radio" 
label="Radio" value="" />

Also I have re documented since i found docs had some gaps in explaining .In case you are interested ,take a look here

  • Thanks Mohith, this is great. I will go through your docs. This what exactly I was looking for. – Kiran Machhewar Sep 17 '16 at 15:07

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